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Do not get caught out by your insurance company. Understand your locks & protect your assets.

Moving into a new property is often an exciting time and it is easy to overlook security risks unless you really know how to identify them. There are certain lock checks that need to be carried out to ensure your safety and the protection of your assets. You will never know who previously had a set of keys for your property and so it is highly recommended you have all your locks changed as soon as you move in. We work with residential and commercial properties 24/7 and there is always someone in our London office willing to provide expert advice and guidance.


We work closely with insurance companies to understand their policies & protect our clients.


We consider it our duty to help you make informed security decisions and strive to contribute to a much safer living environment for customers throughout London, Greater London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton and most areas in the South East of England.



Full Lock Change (to ensure no previous keyholders can gain entry without permission)

Full Lock Service (to ensure all locks correspond to your home contents insurance)

Full Lock Alignment (when locks are out of alignment they are more prone to internal workings failure)

Full Lock Maintenance (how to care for your locks to ensure a long product life)



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Recommended Insurance Companies & Policies


According to Aviva Insurance “approved door and window locks” must be fitted so that insurance remains valid. Below we have extracted a section from the Aviva.co.uk website which states that:


“All accessible windows have key operated locks (see example a). Any hinged main entrance door and other external doors are fitted with: If a wooden door; a five lever mortice deadlock (see example b) or a cylinder rim deadlatch with a key-locking handle on the inside or any lock approved to the British Standard BS3621 (see example c) or If a PVCu (plastic) door a multi-point lock (see example d). Any sliding, e.g. patio, doors need to have a key operated patio-door lock mounted inside on the centre rails (see example e). Any hinged external door having a lock that does not meet one of the four options above needs to have a key operated security device fitted to both the top and bottom of the door (see example f) in addition to any existing lock.”

According to Aviva Insurance “approved door and window locks” must be fitted so that insurance remains valid. Below we have extracted a section from the Aviva.co.uk website which states that




[Read more about approved locks according to Aviva]


According to Aviva Insurance “approved door and window locks” must be fitted so that insurance remains valid. Below we have extracted a section from the Aviva.co.uk website which states that:


According to Churchill Insurance it is highly recommended that you know your door lock types and how they differ in functionality for your home and garden. Below we have extracted a section from the Churchill.com website which discusses different door lock types including:”


Mortice locks

Mortice deadlocks are one of the most common type of locks referred to in a policy. A mortice lock requires a key to both lock and open it. Your home insurer may ask that it complies with British Standard BS3621.



You may know these as ‘secondary locks’. In general, they come in two forms: standard and deadlocking nightlatches. Multi-point locking systems | Multi-point locking systems are now commonly used and are found mainly on UPVC doors. A multi-point locking system has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously with the turn of a key.


Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are a common type of lock found on doors. You would need to check with your home insurer whether this type of lock is acceptable as some types of cylinder locks are vulnerable to a technique known as lock snapping.


Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors may be referred to specifically in a policy as the lock requirements will slightly differ from that of a standard door. Sliding patio doors can be vulnerable as they can be lifted off their runners.


Key-operated security bolts

Commonly used on external doors, including French and double doors. Your policy may specify that key-operated security bolts should be fitted to the top and bottom of the door.


Closed shackle padlocks

Closed shackle padlocks are more difficult to attack and the design of this type of lock helps prevent bolt cutters and saws getting to the shackle, which is the most vulnerable part of a padlock.


Open shackle padlocks

Open shackle padlocks are the most common types of padlock you will see


Straight shackle or shutter padlocks

Straight shackled/shutter padlocks often used for locking shutters, gates, barriers & chains.


Long shackle padlocks

Long shackle padlocks allow for more flexibility, but they are easier to disable as the shackle part of the lock can be easily attacked with a saw or bolt cutters.”




[Read the full door lock guide according to Churchill]


According to Policy Expert Insurance it is highly recommended that you know your door lock types and how they differ in functionality for your home and garden. Below we have extracted a section from the PolicyExpert.co.uk website which discusses different door lock types including:


Home insurance and window and door locks

Making your home as secure as possible is obviously important from a personal safety point of view, but it could also cost you money if it isn’t up to scratch. Home insurance providers expect you to provide a minimum level of security, and what they require changes depending on where you live (burglary rates vary from area to area), who your insurance provider is, and the type of cover you opt for.


Which locks are available?

Five-lever mortice deadlock

Multi-point locking system

Rim automatic deadlocking nightlatch/deadlatch


Key operated window locks

French windows”




[Read More about PolicyExpert Home Insurance Window & Door Locks]


According to uSwitch Insurance there are certain things to consider before striking a home insurance deal. Below we have included an extract from the uswitch.com website which offers sound advice for new property owners or anyone looking to switch insurance company.


“Even if you are happy with your current home insurance deal, there’s no harm in wanting to improve the security in your home by investing in a home insurance industry approved lock for your doors and windows. Either way, getting better locks fitted in is always a good thing. Read on to find out more about what types of locks are approved by most home insurance companies.


When applying for home insurance, you will usually be asked what type of locks you have fitted on your outside doors and windows. If you have one of the home insurance industry approved locks fitted, you could, in some cases, receive a discount on the normal premiums. Generally speaking, the more security you have on your home, the cheaper your premiums will be, as home insurance companies will find there is less of a risk for them in insuring your property.


So if you do not have the right locks fitted, you may end up paying a higher premium on your home insurance. But this could also relate to other security risks to your home. For example, you might live in an area with a statistically higher than average rate of burglaries, fires or vandalism. Ultimately, not everything comes down to what type of lock your doors have, but still, it’s good to have a secure lock, and if it’s approved, then you could even save some money.”




[Read more guidance by uSwitch Home Insurance)


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