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Carpenters in London & South East

Carpenters in London & South East

24 Hour Emergency Carpentry Service in London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton

Looking for reliable carpenters in London? We are OPEN NOW and 24/7! Areas we cover include many in the South East including London, Greater London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton & Hove. We are experienced in providing a quality carpentry service for fast-response burglary repairs, wooden door repairs and replacements, frame repairs, heavy duty door servicing, wooden window repairs, boarding up and vacant property protection 24/7.


We care about the quality finish of every job we embark on and strive to excel in all our customer services. We provide a full range of easy-to-apply coloured paint and natural wood finishes to enhance the appearance of your home.


Boarding Up Vacant Property Protection Services

Property security is incredibly important now in the UK and if you have an empty property it is highly advised that you make it a secure empty property. We provide a full range of 24 hour boarding up services to protect vacant property throughout London and the surrounding areas going as far as Sussex and Brighton. Boarding up to protect vacant property has been part of our service for many years and we believe in a perfect quality finish including access points where required. Contact us for 24 hour vacant property protection services.

24 Hour Wooden Door & Frame Services:

Solid Wood Door Installation

New Wood Frame

Fix Broken Door Frame

Door Frame Repair

Install Wood Door Frames

Secure Door Frames

Door Frame Replacement

Fitting Interior Wooden Doors

Fitting Exterior Wooden Doors

Wooden Door Frames

Wooden Frame Repairs & Replacements

Wooden Door Planing & Adjustments

Wooden Window Repair

Wooden Window Installation

Frame Repairs

Door Repairs

Wooden Beading Replacements

Hinge Replacements

Security Hinges

Hinge Bolts

Letterbox Fitting

Letterbox Adjustments

Wooden Burglary Repairs

24 Hr Wooden Door Repair Services

Wooden Door Lock Change

Multi-Point Mechanism Installation in Wooden Doors

Wooden Panel Doors

Glazed Wooden Doors

Solid Timber Core Blank Doors

Wooden Composite Doors

Fire Rated Doors

Heavy Duty Doors

Cheap Doors

Temporary Doors

Additional 24 Hr Wood Boarding Up Services:

24Hr Boarding Up Services:

Same Day Boarding Up

24Hour Same Day Boarding Up Service

Temporary Boarding Up

Permanent Boarding Up

Board Up Broken Door

Glass Boarding Up

Board Up Smashed Window/Glass

Boarding Up to Secure Property

Disaster Restoration Service

Property Boarded Up Services


24Hr Window Boarding Up Services:

Window Boarded Up 24/7

Window Repairs

Window Replacements

Window Frame Repair

Temporary Window Boarding Up


Types of Glass Doors Boarded Up:

Upvc Door Glass Boarded Up

Aluminium Door Glass Boarded Up

Timber Door Glass Boarded Up


Boarding Up for Commercial Premises:

Commercial Boarding Up

Shopfront needs Boarding Up

Property Damage from Break-In

Commercial Property Restoration



Fitting Interior Wooden Doors

Fitting interior wooden doors can get tricky and so it is not uncommon to outsource the work to a trained carpenter in your area. If you have been thinking recently about how to hang a wooden interior door please feel welcome to call us direct for guidance on your wooden door installation. We are always happy to help and if we cover your area we can send someone to help you in no time at all. We employ qualified and experienced 24 hr carpenters across London, Greater London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. We know all there is to know about how to install solid wood doors to a quality standard and meeting the criteria to ensure your insurance remains valid. There are several things to consider before fitting interior wooden doors but most importantly, find out if the new wooden replacement door can fit directly into the existing wooden door frame or will the trim need to be pulled out for a prehung door installation? If the existing frame remains intact it will be used as a template and the overall quote for the wooden door replacement will be significantly cheaper.


Fitting Exterior Wooden Doors

Sometimes wooden exterior doors get damaged and cannot be repaired. Our team of dedicated 24 hour carpenters know everything there is to know about how to install solid wood exterior doors and will finish the job with natural wood finishes or paint according to your wooden design preference. Homebuilding and renovating an old property can get tiring when you don’t have a reliable team of carpenters delivering high standard work. It is part of our mission to ensure we get to you fast during your time of need and replace your wooden exterior door as neatly and as quickly as possible. Your replacement door will arrive pre-hung in a weatherstripped frame and offers a complete and weathertight installation.


Wooden Door Planing Services

We will measure and open/close your wooden door to identify the areas which need most attention. We are experienced in door removal and door planing so if you are having trouble with your door, we can plane both sides to maintain the symmetry of your door and frame. We will treat your door to avoid sagging and fix your door until it operates fully and smoothly.


1. Wooden Frame Reinforcement Security Bar Types:

London Bars are just one type of anti-burglary product we provide and these are suitable in situations where your wooden door frame is at risk of splitting. The London Bar is renowned for its strength and capacity to reinforce and secure timber doors and frames. We also supply and install a range of plates and devices to protect doors opening outwards.


2. Birmingham Bar Wooden Door Frame Reinforcement

After a burglary or break-in has taken place there is a risk of door hinges bring ripped out of the wooden door frame as a result of the damaged and weakened door. Replacing locks on wooden doors and fixing frames can put a lot of pressure on an already weakened timber door frame so this Birmingham Bar is there to strengthen and secure your timber door once again.


Need a door boarded up and replaced?

We provide 24 hour door and frame repairs, adjustments and other emergency services including door replacements and boarding up doors. YourChoice provides expert 24hr carpenters to deliver a quality boarding up door service in London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. Has your home been burgled and door broken? Has your door been seriously damaged leaving your property exposed to further security risk? Either way, our boarding up team will arrive fast to secure your property and help you prevent a further second attack.


In cases where a same day door replacement cannot be supplied and installed we will secure your London property with quality timber boards as part of our 24hr boarding up service. Our same day boarding up service can be delivered with access points to ensure you can still enter/exit your property as usual without further inconvenience. Call our qualified and experienced carpenters for boarding up a broken door, broken door replacements and more. Get your property boarded up and reduce risk of a second burglary when you are most exposed.


Your Choice 24 hour carpenters provide a fast response door board-up service for homes and commercial premises that need securing. Contact us for quality timber boards to board up your property after a break-in or to simply protect a vacant property from squatters and vandalism. Protect your assets!


Burglaries and break-ins across London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton often result in doors that need to be repaired or replaced. We also provide 24 hour emergency wood door repair and same day door replacement services 7 days a week so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a fast response wood door repair service in your area. We can carry out wooden door lock repairs and full wooden door lock changes including secondary double glazed door lock repairs and door hinge adjustments. Our fast response burglary repair services include sliding door repairs, glass door repairs, door handle repairs and even replacement of door friction stays.


Windows are often one of the main points of entry during a burglary and we repair and replace broken, smashed and cracked wood windows daily. In cases where your wooden window cannot be repaired we supply and install same day timber window replacements for homes and commercial premises in your area. In cases where a new glass replacement cannot be sourced immediately we will board up your wooden windows temporarily to secure your property.


Need a wood window boarded up and replaced?

We provide wooden window and wood frame repairs and adjustments among other emergency services including boarding up windows and window replacements. Our emergency window board up specialists and 24hr glaziers are qualified and experienced in dealing with all types of windows including boarding up double glazed Upvc windows, timber windows, aluminium windows and sash windows boarding up. Commercial window boarding up is available to all businesses including offices, shops, warehouses, bars, restaurants and clubs 24/7.


Had a Break-In or Burglary? Need a Property Boarded Up with Wooden Boards?

We attend crime scenes often throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional 24 hour carpenters know exactly what to do in cases of boarding up to secure property fast. In cases where a broken wooden door or wooden window is beyond repair and a full replacement is required we can board up your broken door or window to ensure safety is kept at your home or commercial building, until a replacement is sourced and installed. Your property is still at risk even after the burglary has taken place as this is when the locks are broken and access is easy and known. We will board up smashed glass and smashed windows to ensure your safety and the safety of your family, staff or assets. Get in touch for a 24 hour same day wooden window boarding up service.


Boarding Up Vacant Property Protection Services

Property security is incredibly important now in the UK and if you have an empty property it is highly advised that you make it a secure empty property. We provide a full range of 24 hour boarding up services to protect vacant property throughout London and the surrounding areas going as far as Sussex and Brighton. Boarding up to protect vacant property has been part of our service for many years and we believe in a perfect quality finish including access points where required. Contact us for 24 hour vacant property protection services. Board up your wooden windows and wooden doors to ensure access cannot be gained illegally. Our 24 hour carpenters are here to help!


Need a wood window boarded up and replaced?

Our wooden door repair and replacement services are carried out by 24 hour qualified carpenters with experience throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. We provide a range of residential carpentry services including interior and exterior wooden door repairs and installations, boarding up windows and doors for home security, emergency carpenter services available 24/7 and wooden window repairs and installations.


Need House Boarded Up Fast?

Have you fallen victim to a burglary and need a 24 hour emergency board up service fast? We cover most areas in the South East of England including London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton so give us a call to receive a fast-response boarding up service at any time during the day or night. Our reliable and recommended 24 hour carpenters will be with you as soon as possible.


We are open now!


Need your House Boarded up while you Go Away?

Choose YourChoice recommended board up services for homes throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. Boarding up property is what we do best and all our carpenters are available 24/7 across the South East of England. Residential property preservation is important to ensure empty residential properties do not get over taken by squatters or vandalists. We know the importance of providing a quality finish job and deliver responsive repairs for all our property preservation services.


Your Choice 24 hour commercial carpenters are available to attend emergency commercial situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For years we have been called to office burglaries, shop burglaries, broken locking systems, boarding up nightclubs, building sites, new wooden doors fitted internally and externally, wood windows, etc. We consider it our duty to keep you informed about how best you can maintain security in the workplace. We are a 24 hour commercial carpentry service with competitive rates and fast-response. Open now!


In cases where additional commercial lock services are required we can also carry out:


Digital Lock Service Repairs & Security System Installation

Digital locks are most commonly used for commercial premises but are becoming increasingly popular in residential properties too. We work with all types of electronic locks and specialise in digital smart lock repairs and new digital lock installations. Contact our 24 hour commercial locksmiths for digital lock repairs, digital lock replacements and digital lock fitting from scratch. YourChoice locksmiths are experienced in dealing with keypad and keyless door locks and will design and install the most suitable entry system tailored to your requirements.


Office Lock Repairs & Replacements

Work in an office environment? Are you a premises manager? Consider YourChoice Locksmiths for all your office lock repairs. Our experienced lock technicians are available 24/7 and guarantee expertise in all types of office locks including, but not limited to, file cabinet locks, commercial door locks, industrial door locks, office lock repairs, replacements and lock fitting from scratch. We can recommend stronger security solutions and provide a complete and free office security survey to ensure you can increase security standards. We have experience in heavy duty locks, commercial levers, commercial doorknobs, deadbolts and more.


Need to secure your property after a burglary or a break-in? Call now for 24hr carpenters 07443 773 773

A large percentage of our work is attending and boarding up properties that have been damaged and left unsecure after a break-in or burglary. We are qualified and experienced in wooden door installations, wooden window repairs and wooden frame replacements. Our carpenters are available 24/7 to provide expert guidance and a free security survey of your home or commercial premises. We provide a 24 hour emergency carpenter service in South East London, South West London, Croydon, Bromley, Kent, Twickenham, Kingston, Surrey, Sussex and across the South East of England. Our fast-response trusted boarding up carpenters will arrive fully-equipped to deliver solutions for emergency situations at commercial and residential properties 24/7.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can provide expert guidance on how you can improve security and reduce risk in the future. We are open now and 24/7!


Our insurance approved burglary damage repair service works with insurance companies to ensure you get your money back in the event of a burglary or break-in.

You will be pleased to know that YCL have years of experience relating to Insurance Compliance in the world of carpentry so you don’t have to worry about invalidating your insurance policy by having the wrong type of lock! We’ll help you meet present British Standards 3621 – 2007 where required so give us a ring on 07443 773773 and find out what it is you need (we can answer any questions you have over the phone!)


8 Home Insurance Guidance Tips:

  • All external doors leading to the property must be fitted with at least one lock approved to the British Standard BS3621
  • All accessible windows must have key operated handles or separate locks if the handle is not key operated
  • All double doors also known as french doors should be fitted with key-operated security bolts to the top and bottom of the door
  • All sliding doors need to have a key operated patio-door lock mounted on the inside
  • Side gates & garden sheds should have closed shackle padlocks as a minimum as they prevent access to the shackle, which is the most vulnerable part of a padlock
  • Most insurance companies require key locking sash jammers to the top and bottom of the door
  • Most insurance companies require patio door bolts for sliding double glazed doors to the top and bottom of the door
  • Some insurance companies have particular requirements for double glazed products and may require star-rated British standard cylinders or handles.


Ask us and we will find out what your insurance company require you to have.


With crime on the rise we believe everyone should have the right to feel at peace in a safe living and working environment, We provide FREE security surveys with every job we embark on so at least you can know what needs to be done in order for your insurance to be valid. This applies for both tenants, homeowners and commercial business premises.


NCFE Qualified Locksmiths

City & Guilds Qualified Carpenters, Glaziers & Locksmiths

CRB/DBS checked

Fully Insured



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