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24Hr Emergency Shed & Garage Security Service in London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton

Shed & Garage Security in London & South East

24Hr Emergency Shed & Garage Security Service in London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton

We Add Extra Garage Security to Garage Doors to Prevent Theft & keep Possessions Safe & Secure

Need a Garage Door Fixed or Replaced? YourChoice garage door repairs and garage door replacement services are available 24/7 throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. We have experience in all repair and replacement of garage door locks, adjusting or tightening garage door running tracks, replacing screws and rivets on garage doors, damaged garage door cable repair and garage door spring repair and replacement. Do you need your garage door fixing? Contact our team of garage door repair experts for more details on overhead door installations, roll up doors, garage door security locks, garage door lock bars, roller door locks and more.


Our team of experienced and qualified garage door repair technicians provide secure garage door solutions to customers for heightened home security and more secure commercial premises.

Need to Secure your Shed with Shed Security Products?

Sheds often do not get the attention they deserve when it comes to security. When you think of the home and garden equipment and tools stored in sheds it makes perfect sense to secure your shed as best you can. Here at YourChoice we offer a range of shed repairs and shed security services for customers across London and the South East of England. If you need a shed door opened, repaired, upgraded or replaced we can arrive at your premises for a free site survey before the work begins. We supply and install shed door locking systems for all types of shed door locks and guarantee the ultimate in tool shed security.


Our 24 hour shed door repair technicians are available 7 days a week to provide additional security services also, including key locking bolts for both sides of the shed door, rim locks for sheds and the recommended Shed Defender.

24 Hour Shed & Garage Door Security Services for Homes & Commercial Properties

Garage Services:

Garage Door Repairs

Adjust/Tighten Garage Door Running Tracks

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Upgrade

Garage Door Security Products

Garage Security System Installation

Screw/Rivet Replaced on Garage Doors

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair/Replacement


Garage Lock Services / Locksmiths Service:

Garage Door Opening / Opener

Garage Door Lock Repairs/Lock Repair Service

Garage Door Lock Adjustments

Garage Door Lock Replacements

Garage Door Lock Change

Garage Door Lock Picking & Entry

Garage Door Lock Upgrade/Upgrading Service

Garage Door Lock Installation/Fitting Service

Garage Door Lock Rekeying Service


Types of Garage Door Locks:

Garage Handles

Garage Handle Locks

Garage Locking Mechanism

Garage T-Handle Lock

Garage Tumbler Lock

Garage Key Locking Bolts

Garage Padlocks


Type of Garage Door Parts:

Garage Door Locking Systems

Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage Door Panels

Garage Door Locks

Garage Door Handles

Garage Door Latch

Automatic Garage Door Lock


Types of Garage Doors:

Overhead Garage Door

Roll Up Garage Door

Automatic Garage Doors

Up & Over Garage Door

Shed Repairs & Security

Shed Door Opening

Repair, Upgrade, Replace Shed Door

Shed Door Locking Systems

Shed Door Locks

Shed Door Lock Replacement

Shed Door Repair Technicians

Tool Shed Security


Shed Door Lock / Locksmith Service

Shed Door Lock Repairs/Lock Repair Service

Shed Door Lock Adjustments

Shed Door Lock Replacements

Shed Door Lock Change

Shed Door Lock Picking & Entry

Shed Padlock Picking & Replacement

Shed Door Lock Upgrade/Upgrading Service

Shed Door Lock Installation/Fitting Service

Shed Door Lock Rekeying Service


Extra Shed Security

Shed Security for Doors

Added Security Products for Shed Safety

Key Locking Bolts (both sides of shed door)

Shed Defender

Rim Locks for Sheds


Repairs, Fitting & Replacement of:

Postbox Locks

Cam Locks (locks for lockers in locker rooms)

Letterbox Locks

Mailbox Locks



Lost your shed or garage window key? Need a broken garage window lock opened or replaced?

It is not uncommon for shed window or garage window locks to get jammed or stuck because of a faulty locking mechanism. If you can’t turn the handle to open the window or the window handle has become loose, we can replace any shed window handle or garage window lock and bolt as part of our cheap locksmith services throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. Our 24 hour local locksmiths are qualified and also offer additional garage window and shed window security services 7 days a week.


Your Choice offers a full range of garage door repair and shed door services. We have a team of qualified and experienced garage door security specialists that will pay you a visit and deliver a free security survey before providing advice on how best to secure your garage door. It is time to upgrade your garage or shed to meet British Security Standards, and to do this, all residential and commercial properties must meet specific garage lock requirements. We supply and install all garage door security locks and a variety of padlocks and locks for sheds too. Get in touch for more information or visit our locksmith services here.


Considered Upgrading your Shed / Garage Door Locks?

The majority of burglaries and break-ins that occur throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton are mostly successful due to faulty residential locks or locks that have not been updated to meet British Security Standards. Don’t get caught out, you can prevent this from happening to you! We offer a complete and free shed and garage security survey where we will provide expert guidance for affordable residential security products such as multi-point locking mechanisms for garage doors and shed doors 24/7.


Maximum Security at Affordable Rates

Had your garage broken into? Breaking into a garage is one of the simpler ways to access a property holding valuable goods and equipment. Garages are often used to store family assets, antiques, ornaments, home and garden equipment among other things. The easier you make it for opportunist thieves, the more likely it is you will get burgled. Opportunist thieves often use the most basic of garage opening methods to manipulate garage door locks and gain entry. The Garage Defender was designed especially to reduce theft and garage break-ins and is one of the safest and most affordable garage door locks on the market.


Most opportunists that target garages know how to manipulate the garage door by pulling the emergency release rope. The Garage Defender eliminates this risk and does not cause further damage to your garage door or locking system. It is safe, simple and easy to install; the perfect deterrent.


Need to secure your shed or garage fast?

Call now for 24hr fast locksmith services on 07443 773 773


A large percentage of our work is attending and securing security risk areas at homes and commercial premises. We are available 24/7 as an emergency response service for installing security doors for garages and sheds. We will arrive fast at any time during the day or night.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch as we can provide expert guidance on how you can improve security and reduce risk in the future. We are open now and 24/7!


Available to property owners looking for full lock upgrade in London, Surrey, Sussex

It is part of our mission to provide affordable security to everyone so we offer a discounted locksmith service for homeowners looking to upgrade all locks on a property. We will firstly provide a FREE site survey to ensure the right locks are installed, followed by an excellently priced locksmith quotation. We include lock services for all types of doors including sheds, garages, internal, external, front and rear doors.



With crime on the rise we believe everyone should have the right to feel at peace in a safe living and working environment, We provide FREE security surveys with every job we embark on so at least you can know what needs to be done in order for your insurance to be valid. This applies for both tenants, homeowners and commercial business premises.


NCFE Qualified Locksmiths

City & Guilds Qualified Carpenters, Glaziers & Locksmiths

CRB/DBS checked

Fully Insured



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A large percentage of our work is
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