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24 Hour Emergency Security System Installation in London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton

CCTV Systems & Security Alarms in London &
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24 Hour Emergency Security System Installation in London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton

It is YourChoice whether you decide to install commercial or home security systems but it is our duty to make sure you are making an informed decision every step of the way.


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We specialise in all types of commercial and home security products available on the market including CCTV security camera installation, access control systems, Intercom systems and safety alarm system installation. Our 24 hour security specialists will provide expert guidance on the ultimate security system for your home or workplace security.

24 Hour Security Systems for Homes & Commercial Properties

Types of Electrical Locking Systems:

Keyless Door Locks & Handles

Key-Fob Door Locks & Handles

Smart Door Locks & Handles


Door Furniture:

Spy Hole Door Viewers

Door Knockers

Door Chains

Door Bolts

Door Bar Restrictors


Letter Box Security:

Letter Box Covers

Letter Box Guards

Letter Box Hoods

Cages to Prevent Clear Vision of the Inside / Putting Hands through Letter Box

Home/Commercial Security Systems:

Bells Only

Bells Plus

Digital Communicator

BT RedCare Security System

Access Control

CCTV Camera Installation

Wireless Burglar Alarms

CCTV Installation

Garage Defender

Safe Opening Services

Safe Repairs

Home Alarm Systems

Commercial Security Systems



Is your home secure and protected? Do you have security systems in place for your business premises? Burglar alarms are becoming more and more common for homes and commercial premises looking to increase security levels.


Here at YourChoice all of our security system specialists are qualified and know exactly what needs to be done in order to deter burglars and other opportunist thieves. We supply and install a variety of home alarm systems and wireless security systems including wireless security cameras and remotely monitored dual path systems. Are you browsing alarm companies that can install and maintain your burglar alarms? Get in touch today and we will start off by providing a FREE security survey to ensure you install the right security system for your home or workplace. We can supply, install and maintain burglar alarms to suit all budgets and security requirements.


Home Alarms & Home Security Systems

There are numerous things to take into consideration when choosing the best home security system for your property. Our home security systems come complete with house alarms and are installed to the strictest of British Security Standards. Home security is not something to be taken lightly; protect your home from opportunists and burglars committing crimes throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton.


Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

We supply and install commercial security systems to homes, councils, schools, housing associations, shops and offices. All our commercial security alarm products are tried, tested and installed to the strictest of British Security Standards. Experience the latest wireless burglar alarms installed to NSI Gold standards and issued with NACOSS Gold Certificate. We supply and install alarms to suit all business budgets and will provide a fee site survey before the work begins to ensure you are making the right decisions.



The popular Bells Only Alarm System is the perfect security system to increase safety levels at home and at work. When activated, you can expect the sirens to sound for a preset period of 5-20 minutes. If not switched off by the occupier or keyholder, the system will reset itself. This is a common security alarm system throughout the UK and can be activated partially while you are in the property or fully while you go out.



The Bells Plus Alarm System includes all the same features as the Bells Only Alarm System but this is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This basically means that in the case of the alarm being activated a siren will give an audible alarm internally and externally. When this happens the ARC will automatically be alerted and you will be informed. You will receive a phone call at home requesting the Customer Password (verification of false alarm) and in cases where you are not available, your designated key holder(s) will be activated.



The Digital Communicator is fully monitored 24/7 and in addition to activating locally will also send information to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a telephone line/wireless module and via a Digital Communicator (DC). When the signals are received, the appropriate action will be taken and the relevant keyholder(s) and authorities informed.



What happens if your telephone wire has been cut? BT RedCare security systems are designed to continue operating fully and is widely known as the most secure form of signaling. You have two options which are the single path signaling and the dual path signaling (which the insurance companies prefer). Speak to your insurance company before making a decision. Opting for ‘single path signaling means there is only ever one path for signals to be sent and received by the ARC and so there is no back-up available. In order to secure the back-up path, opt for ‘dual path signaling’ so that the police can be informed instead of just the keyholder(s).



Say goodbye to all ugly wires under the carpets and getting in the way. YourChoice will install the latest wireless burglar alarms to suit your budget and security requirements. All levels of residential and commercial protection can be accommodated with the wireless burglar alarm system and we can even merge your existing wired system to make it wireless (hybrid system).



Take full control of people entering your residential or commercial premises. We specialise in the supply and installation of all Access Control and Door Entry Systems designed to meet your precise specification. If you are looking to increase home security levels we can install a simple and easy ‘audio verification and push to enter’ access control system or you can opt for a more complex design for commercial uses which gives you a complete record of all staff movements and visitor access.



Your Choice carries out CCTV installation for residential and commercial properties throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Brighton. We will tailor your CCTV security camera system according to your security requirements. We provide a full range of CCTV camera installations ranging from single fixed cameras to multi-camera systems which are able to monitor all areas of a property and its grounds. We are experienced in installing Super High Resolution cameras with Motion Detectors and you can choose whether to have your security cameras visible or hidden.


Maximum Security at Affordable Rates

Had your garage broken into? Breaking into a garage is one of the simpler ways to access a property holding valuable goods and equipment. Garages are often used to store family assets, antiques, ornaments, home and garden equipment among other things. The easier you make it for opportunist thieves, the more likely it is you will get burgled. Opportunist thieves often use the most basic of garage opening methods to manipulate garage door locks and gain entry. The Garage Defender was designed especially to reduce theft and garage break-ins and is one of the safest and most affordable garage door locks on the market.


Most opportunists that target garages know how to manipulate the garage door by pulling the emergency release rope. The Garage Defender eliminates this risk and does not cause further damage to your garage door or locking system. It is safe, simple and easy to install; the perfect deterrent.


Need a safe opened or repaired? Forgotten the combination code? Here at YourChoice locksmiths we offer a variety of security safe services 24/7. If your home safe won’t open or you need your shop safe cracked just get in touch with our team of security safe specialists. Every member of YourChoice locksmiths is qualified in safe opening and vetted. We take pride in offering trustworthy and reliable safe opening and safe cracking services. If you are thinking about ‘how to crack a safe’ and need guidance, please speak to one of our security safe experts.


Buying and installing a safe in your home can prove somewhat problematic depending on the size and weight you have chosen. YCL can provide you with an efficient safe delivery and installation service to ensure it gets placed in a secure and convenient location within your home. Whether you choose to have it freestanding or mounted to a wall, we can ensure it is done to a high standard with no mess!


Available for businesses throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, Brighton

We like to give back as much as we can to our customers. Working with other businesses allows us to form a good long-term working relationship with property managers and developers, estate agents, housing associations and more. Businesses that require periodic lock changes are eligible for a further discounted rate with our team of qualified locksmiths. We are open for discussion so please don’t think twice about getting in touch.



Available to property owners looking for full lock upgrade in London, Surrey, Sussex

It is part of our mission to provide affordable security to everyone so we offer a discounted locksmith service for homeowners looking to upgrade all locks on a property. We will firstly provide a FREE site survey to ensure the right locks are installed, followed by an excellently priced locksmith quotation. We include lock services for all types of doors including internal, external, front and rear doors.



With crime on the rise we believe everyone should have the right to feel at peace in a safe living and working environment, We provide FREE security surveys with every job we embark on so at least you can know what needs to be done in order for your insurance to be valid. This applies for both tenants, homeowners and commercial business premises.


NCFE Qualified Locksmiths

City & Guilds Qualified Carpenters, Glaziers & Locksmiths

CRB/DBS checked

Fully Insured



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